Andrea BlackWood-Barnes is a composer, music producer and mixing engineer. 
Although mainly working in the electronic genre, she is a classically trained violinist and pianist and has played keys, bass and saxophone in a number of different bands.
She enjoyed all aspects of music production including writing, recording, editing and mixing.
Beats, lush layers and electronic landscapes are the hallmark of her compositions which range from uplifting dance and electronic pop to works that have been commissioned for art exhibitions, short film, websites and commercial use. 
Influenced by all styles of electronic music from breakbeats, hip-hop, techno and house to more lo-fi chilled out beats and the huge soundscapes of Hans Zimmer... you name it, it has been an influence in the eclectic sound of BlackWood. 
Andrea composes, produces and mixes all her own music. She also mixes for other artists and clients.